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About us

We as a furniture manufacturer and retailer at JR Knight® started our business journey in Europe from 2017, with an idea of providing a wide range of home and office products that are affordable and adaptive to most people. It is achieved by combining function, quality, design, and value.

JR Knight - The relentless pursuit of comfort

This is our motto and endless motivation that drives our design team, always with sustainability in mind, to present our passion through products to customers all around the world. At JR Knight, we have dedicated ourselves to finding various solutions to an easier, comfier, and healthier life. By using the scientific and ergonomic design, we help people realize how much better the life could be.

Save money with JR Knight

Cutting profit off distributors, we adopt F2C (Factory to Customer) business approach and bring the best prices out of value to life. JR Knight customers play an important role in part of our ecological business chain: We do our part, you do your part, together we save money. Customers get involved in many ways - assembling flat-pack products, giving us feedback, etc.


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